Whether you want to order a whole beef for your freezer, or just want a sampler pack or a pound of ground beef, we can fill your order.

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From the rolling fields of green grass... trees filled with happy songs from the birds... to the steady sound of rushing water from the creek... our family enjoys the life on a farm. The beauty, and the work, can take your breath away.  


We raise our own animals for meat and a portion of our produce in our gardens.  Before the industrial age, the family farms played an important role in the diet of this country.  The foods that were available were - in general - more wholesome and natural.  The birth of the industrial age brought a complete change in what we consumed in our diet.  There were many innovative ideas to try to keep foods fresh longer, and remove germs and dirt from the food that could potentially make consumers sick.  However, in doing so, much of the goodness in the food is destroyed in the process.  Scientists recently discovered that foods grown as naturally as possible, and that do not go through the manufacturing process, provide a diet that is important for the health.


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Mouth-watering recipes from our kitchen and from our friend's kitchen. Enjoy our recipes and if you have a recipe that you enjoy, please send us an e-mail!


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While we enjoy visitors to our farm, we wanted to offer something of a virtual tour for those who cannot visit our farm.





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