We have beef available as wholes, halves and split halves.  If someone wants less than a whole animal, we will take the animal to the processor when we have the whole animal sold.  Normally, you can expect to receive about 1/3 of your meat in steaks, 1/3 in roasts, and 1/3 in ground beef.  However, each order will differ with your own personal desires.   You can expect that the amount of meat you will receive in pounds will be approximately 27-37 percent of the "on the hoof" weight depending on the animal, and how you have your meat cut up.  More ground beef will result in the lower percentages.

Baby beef - under 16 months of age.  This is an exceptionally tender, mild meat with hardly any fat at all.  Real gourmet beef. This beef must be special ordered.


Lean beef -  This is beef that is 18 months to 2 1/2 years of age. These animals will be lean, due to being pasture-raised, but they will have more marbling and they will have more poundage of meat per "on the hoof" weight.  There will still be very little fat in the skillet when you cook up the ground beef.

Lean and tender "baby" beef  

$2.15/pound on the hoof

Lean beef - a little more marbled

$1.65 to $2.10/pound on the hoof

Prices are for "on the hoof" weight.  Prices do NOT include processing fees.  Please contact us for options.  A deposit is required on all wholesale orders of $250 for a whole beef, and $200 for a half or split half. If a split half is ordered, 30 cents per pound is added to the hoof weight cost.

When you are ready to order, contact us to reserve your beef. We will then give you a aproximate date that the beef will be taken to the butcher when your deposit is received. We will also get you an estimated hoof weight of the beef. The exact weight is measured the day it is taken to the butcher. We will then let you know the exact weigth is so that you can pay the remaining balence. You will then need to contact the butcher to let them know how you want to have your beef processed. We recommend that you have the beef dry aged for 14 days. After the 14 days, the butcher will process your order and place it in the freezer for 24 hours. Your order will then be ready for you to pick up. You will pay the butcher when you pick up your beef.

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Example of cost for buying wholesale beef: Whole, half and split half


The hoof weight of a certain steer was 1000 lbs. The hoof weight price, for the purchased beef, was $1.65/lb. The hoof cost would be $825 for half; $1650 for the whole beef. For a split half, the cost would be half the cost of the half ($825) plus .30/lb added for split half diferential. That would come to 0.30 X 250lbs = $75. So the cost of the split half would be $75 + $412.50 = $487.50.

The processor cost is based on hanging weight of the beef and any extra or special things you want done to your order. We do not butcher the beef ourselfs. We use an outside USDA inspected facility. The estimated cost for a 1000 lb beef would be about $360. This cost would be proportioned out from the amount of beef that you have.


last updated 7/1/14



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